Does Your Small Business Need A Boost?

Small Businesses in Canada time and again report that their online marketing is one of their biggest struggles. There’s a big difference between getting by and enjoying a business that is exploding. You can be at the top of your game but if your marketing efforts aren’t matching the quality of your work, then chances are your business isn’t reaching it’s full potential. I’ve worked with a lot of small businesses in Canada, and the vast majority of them can fit neatly into one of the following categories.

  1. The Prodigy
    For this example, let’s assume the prodigy is a mechanic but in reality, he could be anything from a dentist, a lawyer to a personal trainer. The prodigy knows his business inside and out. He’s not one to pay a lot of attention to marketing, because he gets by on referrals. When he first started his business the snowball effect was enough to get him excited… one referral turned into two, which turned into five and he thought he was on the fast track to being a millionaire. However at some point his referrals became stagnant. He maxed them out. Is it the down economy? Has he grown too fast, and not providing the same level of service as before? It’s a head scratcher for the prodigy.
  2. The Wiseman.
    The wise man worked his way up through the corporate latter and gained invaluable experience in management and operations. Getting closer to retirement age, he decided it was time to set off on his own and show the world what he was capable of. Why work away at a 9-8 11 hours a day for “the man” when he could be forging his own business? Perhaps he bought into a franchise or started off from scratch, dipped into his retirement savings and went full steam ahead. He’s got everything running smoothly, he just needs more leads. When he gets the leads, he can close them. He has a proven track record of closing them and just as many happy customers to back it up, but the world of online marketing is not something he’s proficient in. Can he continue to bury his head in the sand or is it time for him to reach out and find a better solution for driving more leads.
  3. The Hustler.
    This mover and shaker knows how to get things done. No matter what’s thrown at him, he has the solution to the problem before the problem even arises. The only problem he really has, is that there’s only twenty four hours in a day. He either falls flat on his face trying to do everything by himself or he realizes he can’t do it all. The hustler realizes that just because he could learn how to do something, doesn’t mean the time investment necessary to learn how to do so is worth it. He has a whole business to run after all, so it becomes obvious he needs to outsource some aspects of his business’s operation and that happens to be the online marketing.

Your situation could be a mix of any of the three, or you could fall squarely into one of the above. The bottom line is through out my experience in helping small businesses,  have seen it all and I know how to apply my experience to your specific situation while staying away from cookie cutter solutions. I am very flexible in that I work with a vast network of top tier companies, from Mississauga SEO to Toronto Web Design to Vancouver Adwords Management. I know who to bring to your projects based on my experience working with clients and my experience working with the best of the best in online marketing in Canada.

Mississauga Small Business Help

If you’re tired of juggling and need help expanding your business, my small business coaching and consultation is the solution for you. I will assess your business with a full audit and make the necessary recommendations for what you need to do to take your business to the next level. This includes referrals to the people and companies who can get the jobs done, to full action plans that detail the steps needed to take. If you need ongoing services my small business coaching solution provides exactly that. Get in touch with me today to take your business to the next level.